Facts about Uganda you should know-Number 5 will shock you

Uganda is an amazing country with a lot to be told in stories but thou there are a number of facts about Uganda people don’t know about.

I think you will need to know facts about Uganda that you never knew, these will range from social, political, economic and many more.

Facts about Uganda

1.Uganda is found in the heart of Africa.

If you know the African continent so well, u  know that Uganda is the heart of Africa and if you didn’t know, try to check it out from here.

How would you feel stepping your legs in the heart of the whole continent which is known as the pearl of Africa?

I definitely think its super amazing and great?

2.Uganda, the place of matooke.

If you didn’t know that Uganda is one of those countries where matooke is a staple food, try out this,

Uganda is the place where you find matooke wherever you go.

Its like there is no great meal without matooke served on it.

Matooke can be found anywhere.

When you go somewhere, just order matooke.

The price of matooke keeps varying from place to place but in moderate restaurants, keep 3$ for it


3.Uganda the pearl of Africa.

Uganda was also referred to as the pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill,

This was because of its magnificent beauty.

The beauty of Uganda makes you wonder where the hell you are if you haven’t been there yet.

4.Home of the gorilla.

According to study, the world has only 750gorrillas and most are found in the Bwindi impenetrable forests, a place where you can go gorilla trekking.

If you are thinking of going to meet gorillas, then check out Uganda. 

gorrilla trekking on african safari
gorrila trekking

5.High consumption of Alcohol.

According to research, Uganda is one of those countries where people drink alcohol like there is no tomorrow.

It should be noted that according to research, Uganda topped one of the highest.

When you use Bombo road, most of the factories around are alcohol producing companies.

To some people in Uganda, drinking is more important than anything that even the poor can work so hard to get funding for alcohol.

bars in Kampala

6.Dictatorial governance.

Uganda has been colonized by president Museveni man since 1982 .wow, that’s even more amazing but personally, I don’t care about it.

Anyway, I do care so much but its like I am left speechless and helpless.


The official languages are English and Swahili but the country is filled with the diversity of languages, for example, Luganda,lulluli,lusonga, Runyankole, Runyoro, Acholi, Langi and many more 

It’s like the country has over 10 languages spoken by different people of different tribes.


The most recognized religions are Christianity, Islamic and animist.

Islam and Christianity are the commonly seen religions in the country.

9.Uganda is the youngest country in all world.

Most of the population in Uganda is still young between ages of 13-15 years.


This is the most favorite common food that is consumed by everyone, a Rolex is a chapati which has scrambled eggs rolled inside, well it tastes good but its found everywhere.

This is the common meal consumed by most of the tourists in Uganda, it’s just super good.

find more amazing tips while in Uganda 

Rolex chapati

11.Tallest mountains.

Uganda is the country with the tallest mountains in Africa and these are known as the Rwenzori mountains, if you are considering mountain climbing, it’s your time now.

Thou I bet you can even rich the 3peak.

12.Longest River in the world.

Uganda is where the longest river in the world originates, consider going to the source of the Nile in Jinja.

However, a number of activities can be carried out on the Nile river, for example, water rafting.

13.Largest Lake.

Did you know that the largest lake in Uganda is the Victoria but its found in Uganda, this lake has fresh waters and there are the sesse islands surrounded by lake Victoria

14.26% of Uganda are lakes and rivers 

This just shows you that Uganda is the place of waters.

15.Bodaboda as a means of transport.

This is the most common means of transportation but also the most dangerous means of transportation in Uganda.


If you are comparing biodiversity, consider Uganda to be the best in the east African region.


Its one of the safest place in the East African region.



The people of Uganda are so welcoming and smile at almost everyone, Just be curious to respect everyone.

Never be afraid to ask for directions if lost in Uganda.

everyone will always be ready to provide a hand.

19.Official motto

The official motto of Uganda is for god and my country.


Uganda has two seasons and that’s the wet and dry season however in whatever season, you can always take a trip to Uganda.

When its dry, consider coming with sun cream because temperatures tend to go up to 35 degrees centigrade.

21.Size and population.

Uganda is a small country more of an Oregon state but the population is high and bout to 42million people.

The population growth is so high.

22.Excusing yourself.

If you are asking to go to the toilet, the best phrase we use is “I need to go for a short call”.Always ask for the short call, it’s very ok.


People in Uganda prefer supporting football, in most cases, they support western clubs like arsenal, manchester united, Real Madrid and many more.

The national football team is improving each day.


If you looking for Ugandan news, daily monitor and new vision are the places to go, you will get all updates easily.

25.Women in Uganda act as the men in the house.

it’s like its a woman to buy everything in a home, its witnessed everywhere in the country.

Most men do spend much-talking alcohol.


Most men in Uganda have 2  to 5 women, its allowed to have any number of women you want.

Conclusion on facts about Uganda 

Uganda is the pearl of Africa filled with magnificent beauty .the above the few facts about Uganda.


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