is uganda safe for americans -everyone else

Is Uganda safe ?is one of the questions that are always asked by the different people who are willing or planning to travel to Uganda,it’s always something that is always asked by almost everyone planning to be in the country.

Uganda is one of the countries found in central africa in the region known as east africa ,the country is among those developing countries that are striving to get the best of everything ,Uganda’s population is about to 45 million

The population of Uganda is divided into tribes for example the Baganda that have the largest population and stay in the central region ,the langi in the north ,basonga in the east and the banyakole in the west and many other tribes .

is uganda safe.
is uganda safe.

however the question goes ,

is Uganda safe ?

Uganda is one of the safest countries in africa for both travellers and business people because 99% of the people who come to Uganda stay safely and leave without any incident .even in the various new papers ,it’s so hard to find any incident of any tourist attacked or killed thus making Uganda of the safest countries in africa.

In Kampala the capital city of Uganda .there is a stand by police ready to protect the city at large ,however there are a number of some theft cases in the city which involve robbery and many other accidents that may even cost you your life but however below are the tips to guide you around .

1.Hold your bags tight while walking in the city

2.use safeboda while going anywhere on the motorcycle

3.Never act lost even if you are .however much it may sound very funny ,its is normal to get lost in the city but the easiest option to help you around is jumping on the bodaboda .even when sited on the bodaboda ,act like you know wherever you are going .

4.Keep your expensive jewelry at the hotel or even at home ,in Kampala ,thieves are everywhere ,it’s always better to keep your expensive necklaces and other jewelry back at the hotel .

5.carry your bag in front not at the back ,it’s the best way to be secure .

6.Always keep your money out of sight from anyone .

7.keep your gadgets intact ,hold the bag where they are kept tight and never give it to anyone .

is Uganda safe for americans .

The government of Uganda fully realizes that it is a sacred duty to ensure the safety of all visitors who come to our country and its own citizens .the police is found almost everywhere and there are police houses almost on every street of kampala.The police makes sure the visitors are not harassed and are even protected.

Is Uganda safe for non blacks?

This is a question that is always asked by a number of people ,Uganda is a country with no discrimination at all ,the people of Uganda are so welcoming and almost laugh at everyone .the answer to the question is Uganda safe for non blacks is yes ,it is very safe ,the security system in Uganda does not only protect only blacks ,it protects everyone who comes to the country

is uganda safe for work ?

This is a question that is always asked by people who want to come and work in uganda ,definitely yes ,in uganda ,all people mind their own business ,so you can come and work and no one will get involved in your business .

just be sure of when to go out late nights and where exactly are the secure places you can hug out from ,if you curious about your life ,just take the minimum procedures .

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