Uganda top destination jinja .

 jinja is a town in the southern Uganda and its located on the showers of lake Victoria .the source of the Nile is found in jinja where british explorer john hanning speke .
Owen falls dams and bujagali dam are also located in jinja .
Further in the north pf the nile river ,intanda falls is also located there .
In the east of jinja on lake victoria ,there is samuka island which is also referred to as the home of birds.
Jinja is a place known for good spots and sightseeing
The wonders of jinja are very many and  astonishing however there are a number of activities that can be carried out in the areas but if you are thinking about taking a trip there ,there are a number of tour companies to guide you through.
But however.there are a number of activities that can be carried out in jinja.

White Water Rafting on River Nile

Despite there are a number of water activities available ,river rafting is one of the best activities that everyone has to enjoy while on the world’s longest river .

Please don’t worry about the weather because its very conducive in uganda.

The water rapids are always minimal which makes it easy to raft along the nile river .

Bungee Jumping

jinja is one of the most favorite places to do bungee jumping in uganda .this is one of the best experiences in the world ,personally i enjoy the experience despite sometimes i feel like am going to die.

Honestly imagine jumping 43 meters ,so scary.B

But anyway ,bungee jumping is one way of enjoying your trip to jinja.

Source of the Nile tour.

Imagine having a look at the source of the longest river in the world ,honestly this is one of the best experiences have done in jinja .

This source of the nile was discovered by john hanning speke ,the british explorer.

At the source ,this is where nile water sets off to mediterranean sea .

Boat Rides along the Nile.

jinja boat cruise

In jinja ,having fun is not only about sightseeing but also having a ride along the longest river in the world ,it’s so unimaginable and so beautiful .

enjoying the fresh breath and hearing the sounds of the moving waters lives you thinking of how God made everything so amusing.

During your boat ride ,you can always enjoy seeing the different bird species .


Kayaking on River Nile is a great way to experience the river up close. The weather is always right foe Kayakers to explore the Nile, the beautiful surroundings and exotic birds.

Honestly ,you must go for this.

Horse Riding

Along the showers of the nile in jinja ,there are a number of horses which make you explore the beauty of uganda .

Horses are owned by the local people so you will have to pay to sit on it and ride it.

Quad Biking

Quad biking takes adventure to a whole other level and does not require prior driving experience.

Free training session is always given to prepare everything so well.

Quad biking is definitely fun .

jinja is one of the top destinations in uganda due its surrounding of fresh waters of lake victoria and the nile river.
The place has the source of the Nile,bujagali falls ,ntanda falls and the beautiful nature .
Another of activities can be carried out in jinja like boat cruising ,nile river rafting ,bungee jumping and many more .

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