10 travel tips to ensuring public wifi security .

How to ensure public wifi security.For travelers, safety may mean only protecting your passport, cash and other items that reflect your identity like your identity cards but however there is also making sure you have public wifi security in any place of the world

Public Wi-Fi is always found in hotels ,restaurants ,streets ,airports , coffee shops and many more other places. In most cases the mistakes you always do when using public Wi-Fi expose your personal information and identity .imagine exposing your passwords of all your social media accounts .However, there are a number of security suites that can  ensure  public wifi security by protecting your information  for example Norton. But since this option may be expensive for some people.

enjoying pubic wifi security is the number one key to anybody .
ensure public wifi security in all means .

Below are the tips to help you when using public Wi-Fi during your travels:

1.start by selecting the most secure features on your device.

You should always turn off all the features that automatically connect to any available Wi-Fi network in any place

The next feature you should turn off is Bluetooth, it’s also known that a lot of information is also stolen through Bluetooth

Turning off those features is a nice security habit to get your self-used too .it can also be set automatically in both windows and mac and ensure public wifi security .

2.Use right Wi-Fi networks and avoid bad one .

This is because not every Wi-Fi network is secure ,for example free airport Wi-Fi network is definitely worse and can lead to lose of private information but you can always find other Wi-Fi spots in the surrounding restaurants and coffee shops.

3.change your passwords before you travel.

If you know you will log in a number of accounts for example social media, bank information and many more private accounts that you may have .it is good to change your passwords into complex ones and change them back to the original ones after you return from your travel

Imagine changing a password from anita19 to a more complex one like katuramoyiyn1979.yes this seems complex, but all in all ,you know of other complex passwords so use them have have maximum public wifi security

4.keep your antivirus and antimalware up to date .

This simply means updating all your security soft wares or applications on your devices,

If you are using public network, make sure your antivirus and antimalware are running, this will help you by keeping you updates in case of anything

Updated software will also warn you against apps that you shouldn’t download

5.Avoid logging into private online accounts.

If you now you using public wi-fi, logging into your online bank accounts , online retail stores and many more will be a wrong  idea ,this is because you very well know that it’s not safe at any single time

6.Add some security extensions on your browsers.

Adding some security extensions on your browser will be a good idea ,for example Avast secure browsing extension, you can add it up on your chrome browser or any browser you feel like.

Browsing will be easy because you will be taking security precautions for your information

7.If you surf online, make sure the url of the website you’re visiting starts with “https” because “s’’ stands for secure  and data is encrypted ,this can be witnessed on google ,in most cases ,google will also always alert you if you go to unsecure sites


You can also get a VPN for example from Norton, this will also help you secure your information your device sends and receives on public Wi-Fi

9.carry your own Wi-Fi on your trip.

The best way to avoid all the surety related problems is to carry your WiFi anywhere you go ,

In most cases for travelers, in some countries there are a number of providers who focus on providing simple Wi-Fi hotspots to travelers, it may cost you around 5 to 10 dollars a day.

10.planning ahead.

it’s always good to plan ahead before you travel, you can always have background check of the airport, hotels and most of the places you will visit.

Remember security is the number 1 key









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