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share your story


To many people who have never been to Africa think Africa is boring ,not amazing ,disgusting and many other things.

But for you who has been to Africa ,You know the difference about what people say and what you experienced.

That’s why sharing your story ,Video,Photos will help inspire someone else to have the next adventure of his life.

All we are doing is putting a collection of stories only related to Africa.

Rules and guidelines

1.All travel stories/posts shared should be related to only Africa .in other words writers,bloggers and story tellers should write about their experiences in only Africa.

2.stories that talk about other continents shall not be allowed or posted here.

3.All stories should not be lower than 500 words and there is no limit to the maximum.

4. Writers/bloggers will be given a maximum of 4 backlinks(1 backlink in the main post ,1 backlink to the writers website and 2 backlinks to their social media accounts)

5. A maximum of 3 original photos should be included and original videos are also allowed.

6.Writers are allowed to write as many posts as they can but, they should be from original experiences.

Stories/posts are to be emailed to

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