solo travel tips for women from dining ,walking streets and hotel security.

women who travel alone always luck the different solo travel tips to guide them through there holidays and travel .Traveling being one of the best ways to have fun, enjoy ourselves ,relax and have leisure ,however there a number of females who love to travel alone across the world who don’t know the different solo travel tips . sometimes the trip may become boring if the traveller is not aware of the different solo  travel tips to guide them very well .

solo travel tips

There are many reasons why women travel alone and among them are:


2.Refecting about your life

3.being your own responsibility and only caring about your self during your vocation

3.enjoying your freedom

4.growing up

5.enjoying yourself

6.having appositive outlook

Among the few above are the reasons why women love travelling solo but in between, it’s clearly stated that female solo travelers always face a number of problems including safety, accidents, hotel safety, dining out related problems and many more

Below are the solo travel  tips to help solo travelers from dining, walking streets and hotel safety:

The kinds of hotels solo female travelers should pick.

They should pick a small hotel with boutique where they can shop their staff. small hotels have fewer clients hence it’s very easy for the, management to keep track of the clients available unlike in large properties

Also the hotels should be near the road or in a public place not in remote areas, being near the road reduces the rate at which transportation related problems may occur for example accidents, kidnapping and safety

Consideration of the staff around is also okay for solo travelers. the best way is to check on online reviews .this will guide you to choosing the best hotels during your travel

Another thing is to get to know the hotel rooms, ooh, just imagine sleeping in a hotel room with bed bags and other related insects ,the best way is to check out for online reviews .tips to  finding the best  hotel.

Types of cities solo travelers should go ,

solo travel tips

Are their cities that solo travelers are suited for. definitely yes, walking around the streets of Paris ,new york ,London ,Capetown  Casablanca are safe ,

You can easily observe good sight view of the different places within the city .

Cities with less chaos and instabilities are also good for solo travelers.

Another thing is cities that have late night open clubs, museums, theaters are good for solo travelers, honestly you wont stay board late in the night. this is because there are a number of places to enjoy your self .also consider choosing hotels with secure wifi hotspots .


 solo travel tips when dining out along in high-end restaurants:

Before you go to any restaurant, always first head to the internet and research about the place.

It’s best to dress up well and feel comfortable, this also involves looking for the sit that will give you comfort,

Some restaurants have beautiful bar areas, good start for those who want to have an elegant meal out

It’s also better to remind yourself that people are self-absorbed, in most cases, people think that everyone in the restaurant is looking at them ,that is your only imagination because definitely because everyone is busy .despite in some cases ,its ok to know people are watching.




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