Travel tips for travelers in Uganda

If you there planning your trip to Kampala but then you don’t know what travel tips are needed before you even travel to Uganda, well worry less, we have got you covered.Uganda is a country with a diversity of cultures which depend on tribes in the region ranging from basonga,banyankole, Baganda,batoro, banyankole, langi ,iteso and many more.
Uganda’s capital city is Kampala which has major towns like wandegeya,bwaise ,kireka,nakasero,and many more.

keep safe in uganda

Below are the travel tips for travelers to Uganda.

Security tips.
Uganda is one of the most secure places in the whole of Africa because most of the travelers who come to Uganda leave without any incident so worry less about death or being killed, but there are a number of different travel tips regarding security that you should consider.

  • When you are in Uganda, its best to never drive late in the night, always drive during the day. this is because, in case of anything, things become easily settled out only on during the day, at night it’s dangerous because you may fall into traps of thieves and bad people
  • When you are in the city, Kampala, always make sure you keep your bag so well, hold the bag tightly to avoid people from stealing anything from you, it is also advised to carry your bag from the front not at the back.
  • When you get lost in the city, the best alternative found is getting bodaboda to take you back to your home or hotel, Never tell the bodaboda guy that you are lost, act like you know the place .before you even sit, make sure the bodaboda knows where you are going.
  • In case of any safety issues, police stations are always everywhere you go, but consider paying something to the police. even if this isn’t the best way, remember this is Uganda, bribery exists at the highest level .
    So the best thing is keeping far away from trouble.
  • For travelers who enjoy taking pictures on streets, make sure you hire a photographer to take pictures of you, never give your camera or phone to anyone you don’t know or else they may end up running with your camera

Health tips

Regarding health, a number of travel tips have to be considered before you make it to Uganda. Uganda is a country with a number of insects that can cause you harm or make you sick for example mosquitoes. consider buying malaria regiment

  • Another thing before you get the plane to Uganda, there are a number of vaccinations you need for example yellow fever vaccinations and hepatitis vaccinations to avoid any contradictions and staying safe .
  • It is also advisable for travelers to get health insurance so that anything can be treated without extra costs at all

Internet access in Uganda.

Uganda is one of the countries that are having growing internet services, there are a number of cafes in Kampala almost in every street of Kampala but cafes are only seen in Kampala .In the remote areas outside Kampala , there are almost few or no cafes because even the few around are very expensive and slow in most cases.

  • The best advice is buying yourself a simple mifi for airtel or Vodafone and that will give you simple hot spot, these can be found in the different stores in kampala along Buganda road.
  • Buying a sim card for mtn ,Vodafone ,Airtel or smart is a great travel tip regarding internet access in Kampala .by getting a sim card ,it will be cheaper for you to access internet almost in any place in Uganda ,this is best because  most of the areas have access to the internet with a sim card .
    However, you should always take note before using public wifi .

Fashion tips
In Uganda, the traditional ware is a gomesi with regards to women and kazu with regards to men but however, the country has adopted most of the western culture.
In Uganda, you can feel free by wearing anything you feel like with regards to pants to any top you feel like but it also has to depend on the place you are going too.

  • Wearing too raveling shots in Kampala by women is seen as against culture,Short skirts such as mini-skirts are not recommended the style of dress for most of Africa is smart but conservative and that applies to women and men.
  • All in all, travel tips in relation to dressing depends on you. just make sure you don’t over expose your body because people of Uganda like it when you cover yourself so well due to the conservative nature.
    For men, nothing much you should worry about, it’s all about trousers, jeans, shirts and t-shirts.

Transportation tips.

Definitely, if you are traveling to Uganda, you have to question yourself how you will move from one place to another within the country, however, worry less because it’s cheap to move around Uganda.

  • If you taking a long distance, you can decide to hire a car for as long as you want ,Uber is also around Kampala and its surrounding areas ,so you can always hire an uber at anytime .
  • However, if you are taking a short distance, you can always take a bodaboda within Kampala, the best option is using safeboda.
  • Buses are also always everywhere, if you planning to go eastern, western or northern Uganda and you can’t hire a car, then you can always grab a bus to any region. but taxis are the most used transport means across the country. you can always grab a taxi to any part of the country.

Climatic conditions of Uganda.

Travel tips regarding climatic conditions in Uganda.
Uganda expresses two seasons that is the dry and the wet season, during the dry season, it can always go to about 30 degrees centigrade.

The dry season is the most convenient season to move across Uganda, this is because however much it is dusty .it is also easier to view the different tourist attractions and move everywhere without any convenience.
But don’t worry because even in the rainy season, don’t expect ice or too much coldness, because the sun comes out even in the rainy season.

Eating out tips.

Travel tips regarding eating out in Uganda. In Uganda there are a number of restaurants mostly in Kampala and the surrounding area.

  • Ugandan local foods include matooke ,cassava ,maize ,posho ,sweet potatoes and millet flour ,there are also irish potatoes ,rice and pasta .there is access for chips, beans ,chicken ,beef ,ground nuts ,burgers and other foods,
    In the high quality restaurant’s, there is always access to international foods served and included in the meal plan in restaurants like café javas and other big hotels like serena hotel.
  • Rolex is also the most common food for travelers, this is where eggs are rolled inside chapatis with some other ingredients included. it’s almost everywhere in the country unlike the international foods that are found in the city and other major towns. The Rolex is found everywhere in Uganda in any small or bug towns, the Rolex makers are everywhere.

Picking aright hotel.

Travel tips regarding choosing hotel in Kampala.
Decisions are extraordinary. In any case, an excessive number of decisions can get overpowering. When booking a lodging, there are such a large number of to look over, so it’s essential to have an arrangement with a specific end goal to pick the correct inn for you. It’s not generally the most energizing piece of arranging a get-away, yet you require a place to rest. By following my basic advances, you’ll spare yourself time and diminish disappointment. The best way to choosing an hotel in Uganda is using jumia hotel .

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