How to use 1000$ for a magnificent Uganda Safari experience.

Not everyone who travels the world has a lot of money to spend, to some, a budgeted trip works out better since it helps them to have the super fan with fewer costs. Uganda safari is one of the cheapest safaris who would ever have.

At the end of last month, I had a friend who had 1000 $ to spend minus the flight tickets, this friend of mine was so scared and he never believed that 1000$ is enough to spend on a Uganda safari.

At first, I tried contacting a tour company to prepare my Uganda safari but it was so expensive because I was told that having a 3 days’ vacation in western Uganda would cost us 2000$ according to what had wanted to visit and see.

This is because we wanted to go for drives in Queen Elizabeth, Maragambo forest walks, Boat cruising, Mt Rwenzori viewing, Village visit, Kasese town visit, Market visit and chimpanzee trekking. Look there is no Uganda safari without game park driving.

How to have 1000$ Uganda Safari

Below I will break down everything and show you how we used 1000$ to have extra and amazing fun.

 This will be step by step of how everything of what happened.

Arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

Depending on what flights you used, you will arrive in Uganda through Entebbe international airport because it’s the only international airport we have here in Uganda.

When you arrive at the airport, you will be checked and allowed into the country if you have the visa and yellow fever card.

Personally, I prefer advising my clients to get the Ugandan visa at the entrance of the airport, you will pay 50$ for the Visa.

Find more about visa from here.

If you don’t have a yellow fever card, you will advise paying 40$ for the injection.

After you get the Visa and you have been allowed to enter Uganda, then you will get airport taxi costing you around 24$-27$ to your hotel to get a rest if you staying around Kampala.

If you staying in Entebbe, just spare some 13-20$ for the Airport taxi.

The hotel cost around 20$

Heading to Bus Park to Kasese

We headed to the bus park at Kisenyi bus terminal since we had stayed in the hotel in Kampala.

Kisenyi Bus terminal is located opposite Kk Trust Hotel.

If you get lost anywhere, always feel free to inquire.

it’s advisable to stay near the Park itself.

It costs only 20$ for both of us to Kasese,

Remember it’s an 11 hours’ drive to Kasese from Kampala.

It’s better to book a hotel in Kasese but personally, I didn’t pre book a hotel, this is because there are plenty of hotels in Kasese and its hard not to find a place for a night or nights

So we stayed in a room with 2 beds that cost 20$ which is self-contained and we booked this room for 3nights.

Getting our Hired car

Like I said, we only cut down the costs of going to Kasese because it would take us around 200$ for the car and fuel.

So I had already hired a car to move us around places and we paid 180$ for 2 days. With this package, you pay 40$ for hiring the car each day and you need fuel for 40$ each day. So in total, it will be 180 $

The car comes with a driver who used to pick us in the morning and also drop us back to the hotel.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is a big park and paying a fee will give you access to the Kyabura gorge, Rwenzori mountains, Maragambo forests and many other places like kasenyi fish landing site and kasenyi village.

 You have access to boat cruising, game park driving, chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing, kasenyi fish landing site, Lion tracking, hiking, nature walking and many others.

For foreigners, you pay 40$ as a fee and Ugandans pay only 30000ugx =9$.

Car entrance fee to the park is also 9$

Note this fee only applies for 24 hours.

So we paid for 2 days and that was 80$ for my foreigner friend, 18$ for me, 18$ for our driver, Animal guide 20$ and 9$ for the car entrance. This all totaled to 145$

All that we paid was expiring after 48 hours

So we went for the game drive for the all morning and evening, it was so much fun seeing the lions, antelopes, buffalos Leopards, Hippos, Ugandan cobs, Elephants and many others.

We went to Kasenyi fishing landing site in the evening and also kasenyi Village, the thing is you will be shocked by the standards of living of those people.

We also continued to the Salt Lake and art gallery shops where we bought some artistic materials relating to the lives of the Batwa People living on the slopes of mountain Rwenzori.


Mountain Rwenzori sight Viewing.

Climbing the Rwenzori mountains will take you around 137 $ but we didn’t Climb the mountain so we never paid for this package.

All we did was enjoy the sight and have a good view of the Rwenzori mountains,

All I wanted was to step a leg on the mountains and yes I did so.

This all happened on the second day of our trip

Chimpanzee Trekking at Kyabura Wildlife reserve

The Kyabura gorge is the home of the Chimpanzee but the experience you will have will be the best experience of your Life.

You will need to pay 50$ for the guiding and everything included at Kyabura offices or at Queen Elizabeth main offices.

You will be accompanied by One guide but be aware of the stuff you may need,
Make sure you have boots good enough for climbing and Walking.

This was the best experience of my whole trip and it just answered all the questions of my Uganda safari.

We got close to the chimps and we were surrounded by the chimps.

It was scaring, fun, amazing and exciting.

Before you head to Kyabura, you have to make a plan with the guides by calling them or inquiring from the Queen Elizabeth offices.

Keep in mind, if you are going chimpanzee trekking. It is only in two shifts and that’s the morning shift starting at 8 am and the evening shift starting at 2 pm.

So make sure you are there earlier.

Maragambo forests.

As you head to Kyabura, you will also have access to the Maragambo forests.

Having a sight view of the tropical rain forests will be an amazing experience for you on a Uganda safari.

Eat outs and Restaurants.

Kasese is a developed town with nice eat outs, you will find places with the foods you want.

Most of the cases, we ate fish, chips, burgers, chapattis, Pizza, beef, and chicken.

You will find most of the meals you want to eat.

Don’t worry about the places, your driver will take you there and if am your guide, you shouldn’t even worry at all.

Food doesn’t cost a lot, consider using around 5 to 10dollas per meal, in most cases, we used 25$ for a day to buy stuff and food.


In most cases, for every traveler, Drinking is part of the fun if you like it.

Well you can get Red label medium at 12$

Drinking is so cheap to hear

You spend less and drink much.

There are very many nice places where you will enjoy drinking.

Summary of all the costs we incurred.

1.Visa 50$ 6.Hotel booking in Kasese 60$
2.Yellow fever 40$ hiring 180$
3.Airport taxi 25$ 8.queen Elizabeth fee 145$
4.Hotel in Kampala 20$ 9.Kyabura chimpanzee trekking 50$
5. Kasese bus


20$ 10. Eat outs and restaurants 80$
    11.Bar 20$
Unplanned expenses 100$    
Total expenses 790$




The above summary applies to someone with a limited budget if it’s you who can decide what you would want and what you wouldn’t want.

That was only showing that everything is possible.

If there are some things you need to be included, then contact me to do the costing for you.

We used public transportation to go and come back from Kasese but it’s so better you hire a private car if you can afford. hiring a car for 4 days with fuel and driver included may cost around 400$-550$ which is expensive for someone having a limited budget.

If you can cut down the costs and plan aside private transport hiring.


Uganda Safari is the best and cheapest safari you would ever have. Cnn also named Uganda the best safari destination.

If you want to have a budgeted trip in Uganda, above are the few tips have listed down.

Enjoy your Uganda Safari. cheers.














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