Uganda is also known as the pearl of Africa and it attracts over 2million visitors every year. Uganda has various destinations like the Bwindi impenetrable national park, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Jinja, Kampala city, River Nile and, Uganda museum and many others.So you will need Uganda travel guidelines to help you ease everything.

If you are Planning a holiday in Uganda, there is no need for you to worry because below are the Uganda travel guidelines you will need to follow.

 I will break everything into steps you will need to take.

Uganda travel guidelines and steps to take during preparations

1.Plan and prepare.

The first thing you will do is the plan and preparations. You need to take note of:

The timing of your vacation.

You need to plan when to go for your vacation, This may involve you asking for a leave from your employer.

In Uganda, There is no specific time for the vacation because, throughout the year, you can easily move from one place to another.

What activities will you take?

In Uganda, there are various activities you can do for example gorilla trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, lion tracking, chimpanzee trekking, cultural visits, tribe visits, game park drives, boat cruises and many others.

What items will you need?

 What you need to include in your bag pack?, this always varies with the activities you are going to carry out for example if you are going to do chimpanzee tracking, You will need to pack Boots or tracking shoes, Rain jacket, water, insect repellants and a small bag.

2.Booking your flight to Uganda.

Flights heading to Uganda are easy to find with the diverse technology, Its now very easy to find flights through search engines like, Expedia, edreams .

It’s a matter of googling and booking your flights.

3.Hotel Booking.

Since you have booked the flights, you also need to book your hotel.

In Uganda, You will find cheap hotels for only 20$ which are totally clean, double bed, mosquito net and clean bathroom.

If you want 5-star hotels like protea, Serena or pearl of Africa hotel, A room goes to around 300-500$ a night.

Use or try Jumia

4.Visa  to Uganda

I know you thinking why didn’t I make this the first step, Well getting the Ugandan Visa is the easiest and it shouldn’t get you worried.

In most cases, if you have a Ugandan embassy in your country, You can apply for the Visa at the consular

You can also decide to apply online for the E-visa

Personally, I prefer getting the Visa at the entrance of the Entebbe Airport, You will give a visa for 50$

All you need to have to get the visa at the entrance is your return ticket, Adress of your Host, Passport valid for the next 6months.

In most cases, they ask you for the yellow fever vaccination card at the airport and if you don’t have it, You pay 40$ for the injection.

Find more about Ugandan Visa from here.

5.Exchange Dollars to Shillings

Unless you going to use the tour company then exchanging may not be so important since you are allowed to pay in Dollars

But if you have a budgeted trip and want to pay everything on your own.

Then you will have to exchange some dollars into shillings, For the start.

You can exchange 200 -300$ into Ugandan Shillings.

Note there are many forex offices inside the Airport building which you will see as you woke to the Exit.

There are also many forex offices in Entebbe Town and Kampala but just be careful.

Uganda travel-ugandan shillings
Ugandan shillings notes

6.Getting the Airport Taxi

Airport Taxis are always around. As you exist outside, there is Aboard for Taxis.

All you have to do is inquire and the taxi will be given to You.

They also have a menu for prices to all destinations, In Kampala city they always charge 100000ugx thou I personally pay 70000ugx to 80000ugx since I do the bargaining.

You will pay the transport fee after you have arrived at your destination.

7.Hiring a car.

You should hire A private car only if you having a budgeted trip and wouldn’t want to spend so much on travel companies.

In most cases, You book for a car for a day and it depends on what type of car you going to use for example a corolla can cost around 36-45$ a day and 4wheeled cars go to 85 -75$ with a driver but you will have to buy fuel.

Find more about the contacts of the car rental companies here.

8.Heading to your Planned Destinations in Uganda  

If you are a business person who only came to do business, Kampala may be your finest place but for travelers, you will have to go and explore the magnificent beauty of Uganda.

Western Uganda.

If you heading to Western Uganda, there are a number of activities to do that will give you extra fun, for example, Gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Chimpanzee trekking in Kyabura gorge and Kibale national park, Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Boat cruising on the Kaziga channel, Village visit, Old copper mines, L,bunyonyi  and mountain climbing on the mountains of the moon.


Jinja is also the land of the beauty and the place of fresh waters, You will have extreme fun at the source of the Nile – the Longest river in the world, Bungee jumping, hunting, Fire camping, Nile rafting and many other activities.

You will have extreme fun in Jinja

North of Uganda

Heading to the northern route of the country will leave you with various discoveries.

On the route to the north, You can pass by the Ziwa rhino sanctuary where you will have to watch and hunt the rhinos.

Then Murchison Falls National Park is also a must-see, You can decide to the biggest national park in Uganda which has over 60 various species of wild animals and wild birds.

You will have a boat cruise, birding, hiking and game drives

Northeast of UGANDA

In the northeastern, you have to see and watch the mystery tribe of the Karamojong’s who have a diverse culture that will leave you with shocks and wonders.

You will also head to the kidepo national park, The place that will remind you of the total wilderness you have missed in a long time.

kidepo was made the best Uganda travel destination 


Uganda is a place with magnificent beauty and one of the top safari destinations in the world.

However, there are few Uganda travel guidelines you need to note down before you there and these include

Planning and preparing

Booking flight

Hotel booking

Getting the Visa

Exchanging money

Airport Taxi

Having fun in Uganda

Hope you have enjoyed the Uganda travel guidelines 






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